November 5, 2010



I live in the Midwest where the fresh Fish of the day is usually the Walleye we just caught from the lake.  Luckily, for us Midwesterners, fresh Seafood is available flown in year round in our local markets that have a reputable Fish monger.  Grilling fresh Shrimp brings a smokey essence to it's delicate flesh which, when a Garlic infused Olive Oil is added, creates the most amazing Seafood experience possible in your own Midwestern back yard.  Use very large Shrimp that are 8-12 Shrimp per pound if you can find them in your area.  If you have access to larger Shrimp use those and count yourself fortunate.  Grilled Garlic Shrimp served with my Greek Salad and my Roasted Asparagus or Roasted Potatoes will make a delicious dinner or lunch.  Weather you live by the ocean and can access the fresh Fish of the day or live far from any fishing boat, grilling Garlic Shrimp will have you Cooking The Amazing!

Here is the recipe.

2  lbs  Fresh Shrimp,  extra large  size 8-12/lb.
20  Basil Leaves, fresh, chopped fine
8 Cloves Garlic, crushed and minced fine
3/4  c  Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 T  White Wine Vinegar
1/2  t  Red Pepper Flakes, crushed
1 t  Sea Salt, fine grain
1 t  Black Pepper, fresh ground
1 Lemon, fresh
Sea Salt and Black Pepper to finish

1.  Preheat your gas or charcoal grill to high heat.

2.  Prepare the Shrimp by removing the heads and legs and scoring the backs with a sharp paring knife and removing the dark grey or black vein if present.  Your fish monger will also do this for you.  Leave the shells and tail intact for grilling.  It will protect the flesh from burning.  Rinse the Shrimp under very cold water and pat dry and place on a large cookie sheet, cut side up.

3.  Chop the fresh Basil into small pieces and set aside.  You will sprinkle this on last to garnish.

4.  Finely mince the Garlic and place in a medium bowl.  Mix in the Olive Oil, Vinegar, Red Pepper Flakes, Sea Salt and Black Pepper well.

5.  Brush this mixture on the the flesh of the Shrimp.

6.  Place the Shrimp, cut side down, on the hot grill and grill for 3 minutes and flip.  DO NOT walk away.  Once flipped, brush the Shrimp again with the Garlic and Oil mixture and continue grilling for 2-3 minutes.  The Shrimp are cooked when the flesh is white and opaque and the shells have turned reddish pink.  Flare ups of fire are good and will char the edges giving the Shrimp a great smokey flavor but watch for over cooking and burning to the point of no return.

7.  Place the cooked Shrimp on a large platter and quickly squeeze fresh Lemon juice over the Shrimp and sprinkle with Sea Salt and Pepper and the chopped Basil and serve immediately.

Serve with my Amazing Greek Salad (Click Here).
Roasted Asparagus  is easy and a perfect side dish.

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