January 27, 2011


I live in dairy country where dairy farms are literally in my back yard.  Wisconsin is all things dairy and the Cream Puff could probably be called the state Dessert.  The Wisconsin State Fair has been famous for their Cream Puffs since 1924, selling about 35,000 Cream Puffs each day of the State Fair.  Cream Puffs were first introduced to showcase the amazing Dairy bounty found on the dairy farms of our state.  You don't have to be from Wisconsin to enjoy the delicate French Pastry (Pate A Choux) that surrounds Sugary clouds of fresh, sweet  Whipped Cream.  You just have to be Cooking The Amazing!  

Here is the recipe.

1  recipe of Pate A Choux
2  recipes of Whipped Cream
1/2 c  Powdered Sugar

1.  First you must make a batch of Pate A Choux.  Click here for the recipe.                         
2.  Allow the Pate A Choux to cool completely on a wire rack.   Once cooled, split the Pastry in half across the middle.

3.  Make the Whipped Cream just before serving for best flavor.  Remember to double the recipe for a generously filled Cream Puff.  Spoon large dollops of the Whipped Cream on the bottom half of the Pastry and top it with the top half of the Pastry.  Dust with Powdered Sugar on top heavily and serve right away.

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