November 14, 2010


I must confess that I would drink Gravy with a straw if I thought no one was looking.   And if the Gravy was really good I may not even care if someone was looking.  Sad, I know.  Seriously, can you imagine Mashed Potatoes without Gravy!  I mashed creamy Yukon Gold Potatoes in the photo above and ladled silky rich Turkey Gravy over them for dinner tonight.  Homemade Gravy has such a completely different taste than any powdered mix or stuff in a jar.  It has a depth of flavor and richness that does not compare.
To make homemade Gravy you need the roasting drippings or juice from roasted Chicken, Turkey, Pork or Beef.  For a flavorful and amazing tasting Gravy the roasted Meat should be roasted in a way that brings out it's true flavor.   So if you roast meat add cut up Carrots, Garlic, Herbs like Thyme, Celery and Onions to the bottom of the roasting pan before you roast to flavor the drippings.  Strain all of the cooked Vegetables out before making your gravy.  So break out those straws and start Cooking The Amazing because it is Gravy time!

Here is the recipe.

1  1/2 c  Roasted Meat Juices
1 c  Stock (Beef or Chicken) to deglaze
4 T  Butter
4 T  All Purpose Flour
3/4 t  Sea Salt, fine grain
3/4 t  Black Pepper, fresh ground
1 c  Stock (Chicken or Beef)
1/2 c  Milk, whole (optional)
1 t  Fresh Thyme

1.  PLAN AHEAD:  This recipe uses Meat drippings from roasted Meat like Beef, Turkey, Chicken or Pork.  Follow your recipe to roast the Meat but be sure to add chopped Veg like Carrots, Onion, Garlic and Celery under the Meat as it roasts to add a lot of flavor to your Gravy.  After roasting Meat, remove the Meat and allowing the Meat to rest.  Remove all Veg leaving the fat and liquid in the pan.  Strain all the fat and juices into a large measuring cup or clear bowl.  Allow to sit for 3 minutes as the fat rises to the top then spoon as much fat off as you can reserving the juices.  In the pan that had the roasted Meat there will be cooked on bits stuck to the pan.   This is full of flavor.  Put your roasting pan over the burners of your stove (make sure it is flame proof) on high and add 1 c of Stock (Beef or Chicken depending on what your roasted Meat is.)  Use a wooden spoon and scrape up the cooked on Meat bits and dissolve them in the Stock.  This is deglazing.  And it also helps clean the pan.  Pour all the pan deglazing liquid into the same cup of the defatted Meat juices.

2.  In a large pan over medium heat melt the Butter.  When the Butter has melted whisk in the Flour until well incorporated and cook until bubbly for 2 minutes.  Add the Sea Salt and Pepper and whisk in well.

3.  Add in the reserved Drippings of roasting Juices mixed with the deglazing liquid and then add 1 cup of Stock and whisk bringing back to the boil for 2 minutes.   It will begin to thicken quickly.  Do not stop whisking so that it does not burn on the bottom of the pan.  Reduce the heat to low and simmer, whisking often, for 4-5 minutes.  Taste for seasonings and add Salt or Pepper as needed.  Just before serving add 1 t fresh Thyme.  You may add 1/2 c Milk at the end of the simmering stage for a creamy Gravy.
Serve Gravy immediately.

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Ruthie Houston-Barrett said...

This looks wonderful! I do have a question: why do recipes say to remove the fat, and then add butter? I sometimes make a quick gravy right in the pan while the meat rests, using the fat and all, whisking in flour, and etc....